ZapDreamBox 1.4.0


ZapDreambox 1.4.0

OK for this tuners

Dreambox 900 UHD 4K 2 Tuners

Dreambox 820HD

Vu+ Solo 2 Tuner

VU+ Solo 4K 2x DVB-S2 Tuner

ZapDreambox if usefull to display TV channels on your PC from a Dreambox satellite system.

ZapDreamBox is a little tool to watch TV easily from your DreamBox to your PC. It can stream your TV everywhere trough Internet!

How to use?

Just OPEN IT and change your settings under menu EDIT > PREFERENCES

You have 2 options:

  1. Watch TV at home on your PC
  2. Watch TV outside your home (everywhere)

If you want to watch TV outside your home, just change settings, less bitrate (for video and audio) more fluid!

For each channel, you can watch DreamBox EPG but also (only for French TV) EPG on 7 days!

You can program a RECORD easily!

You can watch TV outside at home with ZapDreamBoxServer! ZapDreamBoxServer must be install on the local PC at home (in the same LAN of DreamBox), change settings and click Connect. That's all! After open ZapDreamBox (Client), choose in settings option 2, fill same port as Server and watch TV everywhere!

With the WebRemote, you can manage your dreambox outside :)


Version only for Windows

ZapDreamBox & ZapDreamBoxServer need Microsoft Framework .Net 4.5.2

Release Notes

1.4.0 (12/07/2017)

- Correct minor bugs when GuideTv.xml is too old, not refresh was proposed

1.3.9 (15/05/2017)

- Correct minor bugs

1.3.8 (11/05/2017)

- Correct a bug on GuideTv

- Correct minor general bugs

1.3.7 (05/01/2017)

- Remove GuideTV from telepoche for French users (telepoche change their site and it's impossible to grab guide TV)

- Add new method to search inside EPG of a channel

- Better faster loading of channels

- Show the Signal per channel in the bottom of the window

- Optimizing the code

- Correct few bugs