That's it, I foundout how to buy Bitcoin without any fees !

Because you have to admit, buying BitCoin,  the exchange sites take few dollars for fees, but they also sell you Bitcoin at 9000 euros when it's just now at 8800! They're sucking on your purchase and that's not good.

So here's the trick, you don't have to buy with Visa or Mastercard, which is indeed faster, you have to go through a bank transfer, it takes between 4 and 8 hours but 0€ fee, via the website (yes I know it's a funny extension but you can trust it) or Binance Jersey.

Of course you need to register first, fill out the form, send a picture of your ID card but it goes very fast, once you're registered, then you go to "Funds > Deposit".

You select "EUR" on the left

Deposits _ Binance Jersey.png

You put in the box the amount of your purchase, here 100€ for the example and you click on the button "Submit", it will give you the payment information for the transfer and you do this as soon as possible.

And this at ZERO euro of expenses !

You will receive an email between 4 and 8 am that your amount is available on your "Binance Jersey" account, just go to the menu on the top left, on "Exchange" and there you buy your Bitcoin at the value you decide at the price you want.

Once your order is placed and you buy the BitCoin, you are free to transfer your BitCoin to another Exchange platform with option "Funds > Withdrawals".

I've already done this several times and it's great, it works well, it's fast and it's cheap ;) 

Here is the link: