Every day will be available on my site, an updated XmlTv file.

The XmlTv file is a file very used by many programs which takes the tv program of all the channels of the world, many programs use it to make electronic guides, etc...

In my case, I created a tool that allows me to have an updated XmlTv file containing only the French channels. No need to ask me to create a tool for other channels, I don't have time for that.

If you are interested, you can download a short version here (only 2 days) without subscription: http://digital3d.com/download/guidetv/guide.xml.gz

If you want a complete version, you must use this url and put you API KEY (under your account), this version contains 12 days of programs: https://digital3d.com/GuideTv/Index?Id=[My API KEY]

It is compressed in GZIP format, just decompress it with 7zip or Winrar.

Have a good download !